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Sr.No. ISBN Title  Author
1 1E+13 AHB on post harvest  management of fruit and vegetables  John P.Jacob
2 1E+14 Aadhunik Jaivik kheti (modern organic farming ) Sengar R.S.
3 1E+13 Abiotic Stress and Biotechonology  Pullaiah T.
4 1E+13 Agricultural Acarology Chhillar B.S.
5 1E+13 Agricultural Sci- Gene Sequencing 1 mapping  Sharma R.
6 1E+13 Agro Techniques of Medical Plants  Sharma, Ravindra
7 1E+13 Agrochemicals & Post management  Sathe T.V.
8 1E+13 Agronomy: Facts & Approachs Ghosh, Ashis Kumar
9 1E+13 Animal Feeding & Production in India Singh ,Vir
10 1E+13 Applied  Soil Ecology  Sharma 
11 1E+13 Agriculture Biotechnology Felix
12 1E+13 Artificial Insenmination & Animal Production  J.D.Sampath, Kumaran
13 1E+13 Biodiversity in India vol- 5  Pallapaiah T.
14 1E+13 Biofertilizers & Organic farming Panda
15 1E+13 Biomass & Cell cutturing techniques Sharma
16 1E+13 Biotech’s Dictionery of Biotechnology  Arora
17 1E+13 Biotech’s Dictionery of Geneomics Arora
18 1E+13 Biotechnological & Biorational Approaches for pest & Disease management  Kalita
19 1E+13 Biotechnological Approaches for the Integrated management of crop Diseases  L.V.Gangawane,  Mayee C.D.
20 1E+13 Biotechnological Approaches  in crop protection  Prasad D.
21 1E+13 Biotechnology for Agri. Breeding  Mangal
22 1E+14 Botomical pesticides in the management of postharvest Fruit Diseases  Tripathi Pramila 
23 1E+13 Climate change & Biodiversity  Nautiyal 
24 1E+13 Copyright Law Economy & Development  Giriappa Somu 
25 1E+13 Cultivation of the Roses  Hibbard , shiney
26 1E+13 Cyanobactierial Nature, Potentia’s & Apprbications  Tiwari Archana 
27 1E+13 Earthworm Diversity & Ecology  Singh
28 1E+13 Earthworm Reproduction & heavy Metal Accamulation  Singh 
29 1E+13 Edlble Wild Plants of Himalayas  Badhwar Rathan Lal.
30 1E+13 Evalution of Insecticide Resistance management programme – Theory & Practice  Peshin
31 1E+13 Fruit Production Major Fruit  Sharma
32 1E+13 Fumigation for insect control  Nair K.A.
33 1E+13 Fundamentals of Diseases & Insect Control Hambidge 
34 1E+13 Fundamentals of Horticulture  Misra K’Kumar
35 1E+13 H.B.Of Library & Information Services For Agri.Sciences Singh, Rajkumar
36 1E+13 ICT In Agri: Opinion of the farmers  Chauhan N.M
37 1E+13 Insect pest & Diseases Management Prasad D.
38 1E+13 Insect pest Management-Biological Concepts Sathe
39 1E+13 Insect pest of stored Grain & Grain Products  Cotton, Richard T.
40 1E+13 Insect predators & pest management  Patil Vaishali
41 1E+13 Intellectual property right & their improtazers in research Business & industry  Singh Ram
42 1E+13  Mannat on Vegetable Breeding  Pradeep K.Sing
43 1E+12 Mechanization of Horticulture  Manda S.
44 1E+13 Medical Plants of India – An Encyclopedia  Sharma Ravindra 
45 1E+13 Modern Farm Management – Principle & Practices  Boss
46 1E+13 Objective Agricultural Entomology  A.S.Bagde
47 1E+13 Organic Farming & Management of basic stresses  Biswas ,Kumar 
48 1E+13 Organic of plant name  Patil D.A.
49 1E+13 Ornamental Gardening in India  Misra K.K.
50 1E+13 Plant Nematology: Cyst of Root knot Nemtaods   Kaushan K.L.
51 1E+13 Plant tissue culture : Emergimg Trends Pullaiaht
52 1E+13 Postharvest management & Value Addition  Goel
53 1E+13 Potentials of plant Biotechnology  Bansal P.B.
54 1E+13 Principles of weed Control  Gilbert M.A.
55 1E+13 Question Bank for Agri. Competitions for JRF,SRF,NET ,SET & PHD  Sharma R.K.
56 1E+13 Resent Advance in Seed Spices  Ravindra
57 1E+13 Seed production of Selected Horticulture Crops  Sharangi A.B.
58 1E+13 Seed Production Technology of Vegetables  Singh P.
59 1E+14 Seed Production Techniques of Major Crops   
60 1E+13 Soil Analysis  Bandyopadhray P.C.
61 1E+13 Soil Heth Improvement Throught Biofertilizers  Prashan 
62 1E+12 Spices Condiments Origin,histom & Applications  Patil D.A.

List of E-Books To be Purchased to College Library During Year 2012-2013

Sr.No. ISBN TItle
1 1E+13 Biological Control of Tropical Weeds Using Authropods
2 1E+13 Insect Ecology
3 1E+13 Insect Hydrocarbons
4 1E+13 Invertebrate Relationship
5 1E+13 Lacewings in the crop Enviormental
6 1E+13 The Ecology of  Insect Overwintering 
7 1E+13 The Insects 
8 1E+13 Agronomy of Grassland Systems 
9 1E+13 Dryland Climatology 
10 1E+13 Advances in Irrigation Agronomy
11 1E+13 Handbook of Bioderversity Methods 
12 1E+13 Biotic Response to Global Change 
13 1E+13 Plants and UV-B
14 1E+13 Plants at the Margin 
15 1E+13 Molybdenum in Agriculture 
16 1E+13 Soil Carbon Dynamics 
17 1E+13 Sustainable Natural Resource Management 
18 1E+13 Conservation of Medical Plants
19 1E+13 Water transport in Plants Under Climatic Stress
20 1E+13 Fruit and Seed Production 
21 1E+13 The Fruits Of Revolution
22 1E+13 Anatomy of Flowering Plants 
23 1E+13 The Biology of Citurs
24 1E+13 Biological Control 
25 1E+13 Soil Chemistry and its Applications
26 1E+13 Cation Binding by Humic Substances
27 1E+13 Chemistry and the Environment 
28 1E+13 Environmental Toxicology
29 1E+13 Geochemistry
30 1E+13 Understanding Environmental Pollution
31 1E+13 Soils: Basic Concepts and Future Challenges
32 1E+13 An Introduction to the Environmental Physics of soil ,Water
33 1E+13 Soil physics 
34 1E+13 Soils
35 1E+13 Atmospheric Pollution 
36 1E+13 Climate Change
37 1E+13 The Science Of Sustainable Development
38 1E+13 Environmental Concerns
39 1E+13 Environmental Disasters, Natural Recovery & Human Respons
40 1E+13 World Soil Erosion and Conservation
41 1E+13 Environmental Change
42 1E+13 Land Resources
43 1E+13 Sustainable Dryland Farming
44 1E+13 Grain Legumes
45 1E+13 Bacterial plant Pathology
46 1E+13 Defence Mechanisms of Plants
47 1E+13 Fungi
48 1E+13 Introduction to Fungi
49 1E+13 The Fungal Colony
50 1E+13 The Physiology of Fungal Nutrition
51 1E+13 Molecular Fungal Biology 
52 1E+13 Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 
53 1E+13 Zoo Conservation Biology
54 1E+13 A Primer of Conservation Genetics
55 1E+13 Plant Genetic Resources of Ethiopia 
56 1E+13 The Ends of the Earth
57 1E+13 The background of Ecology
58 1E+13 Biology, Medicine And Society 1840-1940
59 1E+13 Science Vine And Wine in Modern France
60 1E+13 From Knowledge to Power
61 1E+13 The Brontes  in Context
62 1E+13 The Medieval Discovery of Nature 
63 1E+13 Saltmarsh Ecology
64 1E+13 Charles Darwin’s ‘The Life of Erasmus Darwin’
65 1E+13 Guide to Standard Floras of The World