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Counselling Management System


  • “Counsellor” means an academic staff member who will help a batch of students assigned to him in planning of their studies and foster close personal relationship.
  • “Chief Counsellor” means an academic staff member who will help to orient the Counselor to execute the academic rules and regulations and coordinate the counseling system.

Admission and Registration

  • Registration shall consist of :

    Enrollment of a student in various courses in consultation with the respective Counsellor and depositing with the Associate Dean/Principal of the college, the roster form duly filled in and signed by the student, Counsellor and concerned course teacher.

  • Eligibility Certificate :

    Registration or inabsentia registration by the student will be allowed only for those who have proceeded on educational tour / NCC/ NSS Camp / Representing University in games / sports / cultural/ natural Calamity / disaster etc. Such student on written request will be allowed to register after the due date or in absentia on recommendation of student Counselor. Associate Dean / Principal after verification will allow for the same.

Courses, Credits, Curriculum, System of Teaching and Evaluation

The choice of courses, number of credits to be taken by a student is decided in consultation with assigned counsellor, keeping in view the existing rules and the performance of the students.

Counseling System

  • The students on their admission shall be grouped into convenient batches by the Associate Dean/ Principal of the College and each such batch of students shall be assigned to the counselor who shall be an academic staff member of that college.
  • Subject to the provisions of Clause 8 of this Regulation, Counselor will help every student assigned to him in planning the programme of studies, choice of courses and determining the course load which the student may take in a semester.
  • A Counselor will establish and foster close relationship with the students assigned to him by having periodical meetings either with the entire batch of students as also with each student separately as often as may be necessary and shall endeavor to know their problems and find solutions thereof, review their academic progress and suggest such remedial measures as may be necessary. The Record of such meetings will be maintained by the counselor and will be submitted to the Associate Dean/ Principal from time to time.
  • In order to have overall development of a student, the Counselor shall also advise him in respect of co-curricular activities and his personal difficulties. The students in this regard shall meet the counselor at least once in a week. The Associate Dean / Principal should include at least one hour per week in the time table as regular Counseling period.

Credit Load

  • A student shall not register for more than 30 credits in a semester as regular fresh courses. However, the Associate Dean/ Principal may permit on recommendation of the Counselor a load not exceeding 40 credits (30 credits regular + 10 credits F grade).
  • Subject to the provision of sub-clause (i) above, a student may, within a period of 6 (six) weeks from the date of registration with the prior consent of the counselor, concerned teacher of the subject and Head of the Department/ Section withdraw any of the courses for which he/ she has already registered. All such changes on approval by the Associate Dean/ Principal shall be communicated to the Registrar immediately. However such withdraw of course will be permitted only before the commencement of Mid Term Examination.


  • Every student shall attend all lectures, practicals, library work, extension education visits, study tour and the meetings with teacher, counselor, etc. The minimum requirement of attendance will be 80%. However, under exceptional circumstances and on application of the student, the Associate Dean/ Principal may exempt the student from attending the study tours or other events organized or allowed to participate officially as college / University representative.
  • Students registered for “Student READY” programme shall have minimum 85 % attendance.


  • A Student missing mid-semester examination on valid reasons (those who have proceeded on NCC/ NSS Camp/ Representing University in games /sports/ cultural/medical/disaster) shall be re-examined provided the student applies through the Counsellor to the Head of the Department/ Head of the Section/ Associate Dean/ Principal within a week after the mid-semester examination is over. On approval of competent authority i.e. Associate Dean/ Principal, the said examination would be conducted before semester-end examination. Re-examination shall be conducted once only.
  • The Registrar shall ensure that a student’s grade card containing information regarding the courses offered, grades awarded, G.P.A. and C.G.P.A. obtained and the student’s academic status is made available to him and the Counselor before the date of registration for the next semester. In under some reasons results are delayed the provisional registration shall be allowed but if any student is failed in any subject the provisional registration shall stand cancelled.

Student’s Responsibilities

  • Every student undergoing instruction, in the course leading to the award of the Bachelor’s degree is expected to know the general academic requirements to qualify himself for the award of the said degree and he is further expected to assume full responsibility for complying with the same. He is also expected to keep constantly in touch with his Counselor and course teacher so that the former may watch his progress and guide him along right direction. In no case, the requirements of these Regulations shall be waived or exception made simply because a student pleads ignorance of the same.
  • Student’s shall abide by the discipline and conduct rules framed by the University and modified from time to time.
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