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Agronomy is one of the principal branch of agricultural sciences, which deals with the principles, and practices of crop production and field management. The Agronomy section in the college is basically deals with the work of teaching to the students, research and training to the extension workers and farmers.

The major courses thought to UG and PG student are..
  • Fundamentals of Agronomy (Basic concept and Water Management)

  • Agro-meteorology and Climate change

  • Crop Production Technology ( Kharif and Rabi crops)

  • Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management

  • Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture

  • Principles  of Organic Farming

  • Weed Management

  • Geo-informatics and Nano-technology and Precision Farming

  • Commercial production of organic inputs (Vermicompost Production)

The Division of Agronomy College of Agriculture, Kolhapur was established during the year 1963. The main farm is situated at “Unchgaon”. The total land of Agronomy farm is 29.03 ha. Out of this 19 ha. is under cultivation. The Agro physical features of the farm are narrated as below.

  • Latitude  16o – 41′ N

  • Longitude  74o – 16′ E

  • Altitude  548.00 M

Soils and climate

The college farm soils varying from shallow, sandy loam to medium deep clay soils with pH ranging from 6.5 to 7.1. Almost all the area at main farm is under irrigation, which is provided through Rajaram Bandhara and four existing wells on the farm.

  • Total cultivable area of Agronomy farm : 29.03
  • Area under Irrigation : 19.00
  • Source of irrigation : Lift Irrigation, Wells, Quarries and bore wells

Kolhapur college campus comes under the NARP- Sub mountain zone of Maharashtra. As regards to last two years rainfall, temperature and humidity is as below.

Sr.No Parameter Rainfall (mm) Humidity (%) Temperature 0C (%)
Maximum Minimum Morning Evening
1 2021 1560.2 30.9 16.6 79 65
2 2022 1469.0 31.2 17.9 81 64

Agronomy Instructional Farm activities

  • On farm Practical

  • PG research trials

  • On farm Practical

  • PG research trials

Conduct of Practical and Hands-on-Training

Practical’s are conducted by using models/specimens of seed, fertilizers, herbicides, manures, tools and implements, weed and crop plants identification, different methods of sowing, irrigation layouts, agro meteorological instruments, methods of fertilizer application, methods of weed management, production techniques of different field crops, use of modern software media like PowerPoint presentation, develop entrepreneurship among the students regarding seed production of field crops and their processing.

Postgraduate Laboratories and Equipments : Plant & soil analysis laboratory

Laboratories Equipments :

  • Flame photometer

  • Sox let apparatus

  • Micro Kjeldhal

  • Digestion unit

  • Macro Kjeldhal

  • pH Meter, Electric

  • Conductivity bridge

  • Oven, Distillation water unit

  • Electronic Balance

  • Grinding mill

ELP Module : Offered to VII and VIII Semester student

ELP-AGRO-4014 : Commercial Production of Organic Input (Vermicompost Production)

Seed Processing Unit : Through which we processed seed of various crops produces at our university farm as well as seed produces by farmers and private organization.

Stages of seed :

  • Breeder seed,

  • Foundation seed

  • Certified seed

  • Truthful seed

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