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Animal Husbandry & Dairy Science Research

1. Dr. D.K. Kamble (Professor)

  • aperiam non recusandae reprehenderit nesciunt
  • Studies on development fig burfi
  • Process development of pomogranate Shrikhand
  • Process development of piper betel leaves added ice cream
  • Process development of jack fruit added ice cream
  • Technologies for development of retort basundi
  • Studied market quality of Narsobawadi Basundi

2. Dr. D.D. Patange (Assistant Prof)
Product Development:

  • Low fat spread using ghee
  • Ready-to-Reconstitute Basundi Mix
  • Ready-to-Reconstitute Rasmalai Mix
  • Piper beetelleaves added flavoured milk
  • Gulkand yoghure
  • Protein enriched shrikhandwadi
  • Spiced protein eriched qwuarg cheese

Technologis studied:

  • Effect of Vacuum packaging on shelf life of fig burfi.
  • Market quality of lassi sold on Kolhapur City.
  • Effect of type of ghee (Cow and Buffalo) on qulaity of Low fat spread.
  • Quality of milk sold on Dudh Kattas in Kolhapur city

Working on :

  • Antioxidant and Phenolics Properties of milk added with Piper bettel leaves extract.
  • Process development of rose petal extact added flavoure milk
  • Studies on improvement in quality of low fat quarg cheese using fat replacer
  • Studies on standardization and storage stability of piper betel leaves added low fat spread
  • Studies on standardization and storage stability of strawbery added low fat spread
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