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The Division of Agricultural Extension came into being as an independent full-fledged division Since then, it has been playing a pioneering role in the growth and development of extension science with specific reference to research, education and training in extension education. It grew leaps and bounds under the dynamic leaders. The Division has been providing the national leadership role in areas of teaching, research, training and transfer of technology in the discipline of agricultural extension.

The mandates of the division are:

  • To carry out basic and strategic research in the areas of extension education.
  • To carry out graduate, post-graduate education programmes leading to the degree of B. Sc. (Agri) and M.Sc. in agricultural extension to meet the trained man-power requirements of agricultural universities, research institutes and other development departments.
  • To carry out advanced National and International training programmes to impart knowledge, skills and desired orientation to the persons engaged in teaching, research and transfer of technology so as to improve their efficiency and effectiveness and to selected farmers to enable them to assume the roles of community leaders.
  • To render expertise support and advisory and consultancy services to extension activities of the institute.

Courses: In detai; : Under Graduation

Sr. No. Semester Course No. Course Title Credits Name of Course Teacher
1 I EXTN-111 Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology 2+ 0 = 2 Shri B. T. Kolgane
2 I DEG-111 Democracy, Election and Good Governance 1+ 0 = 1 Dr. K. V. Gurav
3 I LANG-111 Comprehension and Communication Skills in English 1+ 1 = 2 Shri S. U. Fulsawange
4 I AGH-111 Agricultural Heritage 1+ 0 = 1 Dr. V. J. Tarde & Dr. K. V. Gurav
1 II EXTN- 122 Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education 3(2+1) Prof. B. T. Kolgane (T)
Dr. K. V. Gurav (P)
2 II EXTN- 123 Communication Skills and personality Developments (Common Course) 2(1+1) Prof. S. U. Fulsawange
3 VI EXTN-364 Entrepreneurship Development and communication Skills 2(1+1) Dr. V. J. Tarde (T)
Dr. S. D. Bhingardeve (P)
4 VIII —- Experimental Learning Modules 1(0+1) Prof. B. T. Kolgane (P)
Dr. K. V. Gurav (P)

Under Graduation

  • The under graduate and Post graduate courses taught as a part of academic syllabus.
  • Under graduate 11 credits (5+6) for Ist, IInd, Vth, VIth , VIIth and VIIIth semester
  • Courses for U.G. EXTN-111, EXTN-122, EXTN-353, EXTN-364, RAWE EXTN-475

Post Graduation – started from 2010

  • Intake capacity 6 students/year
  • Post graduate credits – Major 21, Minor 12, Supporting courses 5 and NCC 6
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