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Agriculural Entomology Research

The research programmes of the college are mainly applied in nature for solving problems of farming community of particular location coupled with overall increase in agricultural production of the State. Emphasis is also given to basic research supportive to applied research for tackling fundamental problems. Adaptive research is also undertaken for developing and refinement of newly developed technology under farmers’ field condition, validation and ensuring acceptance. Further, the research programmes of the college are oriented towards improving potentiality of various crops and related inputs and resources in agriculture

  • Six ad-hoc projects sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi were completed and findings thereof in the form of recommendations passed on to the cultivators (Farmer) and Extension agency.
  • Research scheme on white grub (14.8.1975 to 14.8.1980).
  • Research scheme on Rhizome fly with financial outlay of Rs.114170/-(9.11.1977 to 8.10.1980).
  • Studies on key pests of turmeric and ginger other than Rhizome fly with financial outlay of Rs.147840/- (1.2.1985 to 31.7.1988).
  • Ecology, biology and control of snails and slugs with financial outlay of Rs. 136000/- (1.2.85 to 31.1.90) All India Co-ordinated Research Project (AICRP) on white grub (14.8.80 to 31.3.2000).
  • Research project on Survey and study of sugarcane woolly aphids in Western Maharashtra with financial outlay of Rs.541000/- (9.10.2004 to 8.10.2006).
  • Research project on Biointensive Integrated Pest Management of Sugarcane White Grub with financial outlay of Rs. 1164940/- (11.10.2004 to 10.01.2008).
  • Receipts earned – Testing of insecticides against different crop pests.
Year Company Receipts earned
2003-04 Pesticide India 50000
2003-04 Syngenta 40000
2005-06 P.I. Industries 140000
2005-06 Nirmal Organo Biotech Pvt. Ltd. 10000
2006-07 Chemtura Chemicals 30000
2006-07 P.I. Industries 105000

Phyllognathus Dionysius-New species of white grub recorded first time in western Maharashtra causing damage to sugarcane.

  • Research Projects:
  • All India Co-ordinate Project on Whitegrab Control
  • A Study and Survey of White Woolly aphids in Western Maharashtra
  • RKVY Project for mass multiplication of Biopesticides.
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