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Various construction and renovation works were carried out during last three years at different regional research station namely NARP, Shenda Park, Kolhapur; Agriculture School, Kolhapur, Agriculture School, Borgaon, Regional Sugarcane and Jaggery Research Station, Kolhapur, RWRRS, Mahabaleshwar and ARS, Digraj through Sectional Engineer (Civil). The important works are : Construction of Bullock sheds, Repairs and renovation of Frozen Semen Lab.

at NARP, Shenda Park, Kolhapur; Construction of Girls’ hostel at Agriculture School, Kolhapur and Borgaon; Construction of Pilot Plant for Jaggery Research at Kolhapur and Renovation of Boys’ hostel at Agriculture School, Kolhapur and Digraj; Repairs and renovation of glass house at RWRRS , Mahabaleshwar.

The important electrical works carried out through Sectional Engineer (Electrical) are: Electrification of Frozen semen lab at NARP, Shenda Park, Kolhapur; Electrification of Ladies Hostel at Agriculture College, Kolhapur; Agriculture School, Kolhapur and Agriculture School, Borgaon.

Air conditioning work was done for the A.V.Hall; Tissue Culture Laboratory; Computer Laboratory and Associate Dean’s Office, College of Agriculture, Kolhapur. Replacement of L.T. Line at Agriculture College, Kolhapur.

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